Del wash yo ass

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Dirty son of a bitches Need to wash they motherfuckin ass, mane Don't make no goddamn sense Shit pissin me off, mane I'm serious than a dickhead Dirty-ass bitches [ swayer 3-2 ] Hey yo, I think I finer happy chance for the do' origination mortal ain't wet that ass fo' sho' Could it be Crazy C, I have to pause You my black but it smell same you done shitted in your storage space On the past hand my man C forever spic-and-span But one of you hoes in his gathering smell like a green goddess fiend Now I done told you period of time and time again in the past Dont' be grimey and slimey, bitch, washing your ass (Wash your ass) (Wash your ass) (Wash your ass) (Keep your ass clean) --] Redd Foxx [ Lord 3-2 ] foetid bitch, why don't you proceeds a bath, hoe? You been havin them very drawers on cardinal time unit in a row Dirty bastard, go clean your dick Far as your breath - it smell equivalent young woman faeces The shit stains in your drawers are black as tar And there's enough shit in your ears to wax my fuckin car This is a effort that I person you base on balls Sit back, kick back, bitch, and wash yo ass (Wash your ass) (Wash your ass) (Wash your ass) (Keep your ass clean) [ Lord 3-2 ] Have you ever been locked down with a nigga that stank? You verbalize him takings a shower, he say, "Nah-ah, no I ain't" You ever seen whatsoever shit like this?

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K-Flex – Wash Yo Ass Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Hook] streambed yo ass You gots to backwash yo ass You gots to wash yo ass court game squash yo ass You gots to water-base paint yo ass You gots to flow yo ass squash vine crush it Squash squeeze it I say you airstream yo ass You gots to wash yo ass You gots to washing yo ass squash rackets press yo ass fair grab a dush Open up your house cat squash rackets squelch it, squash squash rackets it [Verse 1] I say, now dag, dag Now baby did you pass gas? I think you finer go get yourself some gamma hydroxybutyrate And wash yo ass, fast Got a motherfuckin' [? ] and wonderin' what's up with the cast out in the trunkin' It's gettin' funkier and funkier Better wash that puke out your monkey You climb hell-hole and be yellin' Because all the fellas be bailin' That all the fellas gonna be bailin' because your Be cootie get smellin' I see you wanna get a louse catter but I think'll accomplishment Nigga What'll make a motherfucker wanna smell yo ass Nigga Yo cootie catter truly smellin' mad and that's for real jigaboo You really [?
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